The process of choosing and wearing the right hair accessories will help you in becoming stylish. The fashionable hair accessories can greatly help women in dressing down or up any look. These accessories range from the simple and basic ponytail holders to the most intricate headbands. Examples of these hair accessories include a barrette, a wig, a flower and a feather. The process of buying the hair accessories is determined by the style and specific needs of an individual.

There are some women who are contented with just ponytail holder while others are interested in a fashion-forward hat. It is paramount to choose the right hair accessories which match with your unique style. These accessories can be obtained from the local department stores, salon or pharmacy. Alternatively, you can also purchase them from the online market stores such as eBay. ebay is the largest online marketplace in the World.

The following are the different hair accessories used by women

Ponytail holder

A ponytail holder is a basic hair accessory for women. It is a known as a hair tie, bobble or a pony holder. This device is used for tying back the long hair into pigtails or a ponytail. They can be complex or simple, blackcoloured or bright. They are round and stretchy objects which can be secured easily around the hair. The different varieties of Pony tail holders include the following.



This is fabric covered hair tie which is elastic in nature. It was widely used in the 1990s. The name scrunchies was derived from the common “scrunched” fabric which covers the elastic. It is used in creating a wavy effect. Some scrunches are crocheted, beaded and be-dazzled while others are made using simple pieces of black or white fabric.

Elastic hair ties

These were some traditional elastic hair ties which were used by women as a metal hook for holding the elastic together to form a loop. The modern ones are glued together to ensure that there are no metal pieces which getstrapped within the women’s hair. They come in different colours such as white, brown, tan, and black

Bows and ribbons

Barrettes they are also known as the hair clips. They are made from metal or plastic. They are used for holding the small sections of hair. These accessories can open and then slip over the hair’s sections. Women mainly use them in holding the back pieces of their hair or sticking back the front sections of their hair.